March 22, 2014 – Holly Seaton Moore Book Signing

Holly Seaton Moore has a newly released novel, “The Innkeeper,” and a previous book, “Red Eye Grounded.”
Holly Moore, Innkeeper, coverINNKEEPER:
Elaina Murphy, a widow who has lost her husband and daughter in a sudden car accident, is living alone with the pain of her past still absolutely in her present. At her best friend and realtor’s urging, she decides to rent out her large and empty home as a bed & breakfast for wealthy clients traveling through town for business. She has accepted the life of solitude and is getting on with her life the best she can. Things are going along as usual until her trusted realtor brings her the client of a lifetime. Worldwide famous, Scottish-born actor Grayson Sparks is filming a movie in the area and has decided to ‘hide’ in a house rather than rent a hotel.

Behind the protective walls of Elaina’s house and familiar hometown the two are able to get to know each other as two ordinary people, instead of a lonely widow and a playboy celebrity. Against all odds, they come together and fall for each other fast and hard. Elaina is open to love but is hiding a secret from her past. Will she finally get a second chance at love, or will her past ruin her future? For the first time, it doesn’t matter, she must try.

Holly Moore, Red Eye Grounded, coverRED EYE GROUNDED:
Standing there, waiting in line to board a plane, looking around at the people that would soon be my neighbors for hours, I had no idea my life was about to be forever altered.

In the wake of her four-year-old daughter’s death, Sella McCae turns to alcohol and prescription pills to fill the void her husband and remaining daughter can’t. Over the next few weeks, Sella becomes nothing more than a shell of the vibrant wife and mother she was before the accident. When her husband, Jack, realizes her addiction is affecting their daughter Lyla as well, he tells her she can either get help at a rehab center or their marriage is over. When faced with the ultimatum, Sella realizes she wants to live again and agrees to check herself into Mason House, the best rehabilitation facility the East Coast can offer.

It is while on board the plane that will whisk her away to a new beginning that her life changes forever. Just as her plane is about to leave the runway, a nearby plane explodes in midair. The passengers soon learn that the plane was infected with a deadly virus, along with every other plane on the East Coast…including theirs.

Sella and her fellow passengers must now find a way to survive the Red Virus and each other. Will Sella make it off the Red Eye Grounded flight? Only forty-eight hours will tell.