Art Show – Eric Douglass.

Join us on December 1st 2012 From 10am – 2PM at Books Beads and More, for a spectacular showing Eric Douglass, local artist.

Eric Douglass is a landscape artist, working in the digital medium. He begins with an original digital photograph, and transforms it into a digital painting through the use of computer programs, a graphics tablet, and a stylus.

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Morning View - Digital - Eric Douglass
Morning View – Digital – Eric Douglass – Click For Full Size

Douglass’ techniques involve enhancement of the colors, changing of the design, and the creation of mood. He thinks of his work as fitting into the early Impressionist Period, with its strong use of light and subjective expressions of the world. His work is known for having a watercolor look, and for his use of deep, rich colors. Eric has won numerous awards, and been accepted in many juried shows, including the Richmond shows of Arts in the Park, Gallery 44, Art Affair, and Arts Around the Lake. Impression

Description of Work: My medium is digital art. I begin with an original digital photograph. After transferring the image to the computer, I “paint” compositional elements into the images, using a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet with various types of digital brushes. At the same time, I subject the image to hundreds of steps of transformation through multiple computer programs (Photoshop, Painter, BuzzPro, Easy HDR Pro). These transformations are generally aimed at the processes of abstracting out basic shapes, producing working with color and composition, producing watercolor effects, and imparting a general mood to the image. This process takes 20+ hours per image. All images are printed from the original digital file in low-number limited sets (2-25).

Short Bio: My academic degrees are a BA, M.D., M.Div., and ThM. A section of my masters degree included work in Hellenistic art, where I examined the not only the development of Greek art, but also the interface between art, literature, and philosophy. I’ve been involved in multiple societies, received many awards for my work, and been accepted into a variety of juried shows, including Arts Around the Lake, Capital Art Show, Fool for Art, Arts In the Park, Arts in the Garden, Art Affair, Gallery 44, Art on the Square, and Crossroads Art Center shows.

Care of Art: Art should never be mounted in places that receive direct sunlight. The high energy ultraviolet rays will cause colors to fade. This is true for all media (watercolor, oil, etc.). If the art must be placed in direct sunlight, the glass in the frame should be changed to screen out UV rays (UV glass can be obtained from glass shops, framing shops, and craft shops).

Framing Issues: All of my unframed art is mounted on acid-free matboard, and cut to fit standard sized frames (smaller pieces at 12 by 16 inches; larger at 20 by 24 inches; largest at 24 by 30 inches). The tape that I use is “Framer’s Tape II,” which is heat sensitive. With gentle heat it will come off the surface of the matboard (do not attempt to remove it from the back of a painting; here it is better to simply cut the tape close to the edge). If you should need to change the mats that sit on top of the art: cut the tape which hinges the bottom mat (to which the image is taped) to the upper mat; then create a new tape “hinge” that attaches the new upper and older lower mat in the same fashion.

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