Book Signing – Nicholas Lanni “When Lilacs Bloom” 12 – 3

Nicholas Lanni will be present for book signing on Saturday May 9th from 12:00Pm-3:00PM

Adversities are a fact of life for many people. How one handles
Adversity, however, can affect the outcome of the situation.
In the new book “When Lilacs Bloom” (published by Westbow Press),
author Nicholas Lanni’s boyhood memories inspire a story of awakened faith
and hope in spite of adversity

Mike and Angel are courageous, despite the impossible situation they encounter.
The couple keeps their faith and love alive, and is able to overcome the obstacles
in their way. Despite hard times, they inspire those around them with their enduring
faith and love.

“Progress without consideration of the consequences can lead to social despair”
Lanni says. “Only compassion for others can lead us away from social despair
and closer to the word of God.

Through his story, Lanni encourages readers not to judge others on appearances or
first impressions. Everyone has stories to tell, he says, as he reminds readers that
some stories end badly and that life’s circumstances and the choices people make
must be dealt with in faith and love.

“Everyone faces adversity and these adversities help form each person,” Lanni says.
“It takes courage, love, compassion and faith to overcome the obstacles we face”

Nicholas Lanni was born in 1953 in Albany, New York. He attended
Christian Brothers Academy through High School and continued his education
At Loyola University in Montreal Canada, followed by studies at University at
Albany-Suny. He is a father and grandfather and resides in Rockville Va.
In Hanover County.

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