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ICY ROADS Expose Relationships Truths
Marriage is more than one night of passion

Henrico County, Va…April 3,2019- – -If you believe every story has two sides, and apply that logic to relationships, then it becomes easy to see why some unions are doomed. Icy Roads is the story of a couple who see their marriage differently. Janet is happy, deeply in love, and longs to start a family. Paul, her husband, has realized he should have thought past the wedding night. Life should not become a dull, settled routine when you’re young and successful.

An accident causes Janet’s marital house of cards to collapse. Was it karma, God, the man behind the curtain, or Mother Nature who set in motion the events that night which would change her life and make her question how a person can forgive as God forgives when their heart is crushed, their life upended, and the unequal emotional equation of their marriage is exposed?

“Just like a butterflies effects in nature, the ripples of our actions affect the many souls who take part in our human dramas. When a union dissolves, friends too must handle the aftermath damage it creates in their lives,” says award-winning author J.L. Canfield, a former seminarian and lifelong student of relationships. “The words I’m sorry, never bring healing fast enough when we’re struggling with the concept of forgiving. If they did, we’d all be less scarred, more whole.”

Icy Roads is the story of one shattered person’s struggles with humanity versus divinity when forgiveness is the issue.

This book is published by Black Rose Writing and will be released May 2, 2019.

J.L.Canfield will be signing copies of her book May 18, 2018 at Books, Beads, and More, 8106 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, Va 23211 from 11:00am – 2:00pm

Author Bio:

J.L.Canfield was born in Florida, raised in North Carolina, spent a few years in upstate New York and now resides in Virginia with her two dogs. Her debut mystery novel, What Hides Beneath, won a PenCraft Award for Literary Excellence in fiction.

Black Rose Writing

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She is available for signings, readings, and talks.

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