ROUGH ICE – Diamonds in the Rough Book Signing

Come meet Ken Jungersen on March 30 from 11 AM – 2PM

ROUGH ICE takes the reader on a fast paced journey across three continents including a remote diamond mining camp in the South American jungles of Guyana. It is a world of deceit, intrigue, and double-crosses.

It is a world wherein bona fide terrorists fighting for a cause and criminals duped by their own greed are manipulated and used as pawns. It is a world where life matters not and money reigns supreme.

From urban jungles of Europe and America to the real jungles of Guyana, ROUGH ICE is a thriller to the end.

Excerpts from Reader Reviews:
“Fast-paced, colorful characters, exotic locales: what more could a reader ask for? This novel delivers on all fronts.”
“I highly recommend reading this to everyone who enjoys a great story.”
“If you enjoy thriller and suspense in awesome locations, you will definitely love this book — it’s one to remember.”
About the Author
Dubbed the “Modern Indiana Jones” by one newspaper, Ken Jungersen has been fortunate to have led an unusual life including: walking away from a small plane crash in the South American jungle to flying with the US Navy in an archeological search for a Viking Rune stone dated 1001 to stalking through the Guyanese jungle with natives while living at the diamond mining camp used in the book. Come out and meet Ken!

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