Samanthan Grace Moran Book Signing

Come see Samanthan Grace Moran March 23rd from 11am–1pm and get your autographed copies ofher newest novel, “Sounds Like Home,” and my very first book, “Dakota’s Gift.” ♥

Here’s a little synopsis of each book:

“Sounds Like Home:”
Wander On and Live Fearless…that’s the motto of Mason McCreery, world-traveling photographer. But his adventurous life isn’t as carefree as it seems. While he enjoys his travels, his nomadic lifestyle doesn’t allow him to stay in one place for very long or have a real place to call home—something he needs and desires even more than he realizes. But will the heartaches of his past keep him from ever putting down roots?

Sophia O’Connor is hard-working, successful, and thinks she has her life all together, but when a series of unexpected circumstances forces her to change her plans, she finds herself journeying back home to Yorktown, Virginia to begin a new adventure—opening up a Bed and Breakfast in her grandmother’s cottage.

When Mason’s and Sophia’s paths cross at the B&B, will they both discover a home in each other’s hearts?


“Dakota’s Gift:”

The creature’s eyes seemed to beckon, begging her to follow if only she dared to trust.

Dakota lives an ordinary life until an encounter with a mysterious white wolf changes everything. As this young Native American girl seeks to know more, she discovers a fascinating and frightening connection between the intriguing creature and a hidden truth from her family’s past. Shady rumors surrounding the old story of White Rain add to the mystery and danger. With hopes of befriending the troubled wolf, Dakota learns that she has inherited a special gift.

Meanwhile, the threat of an arranged marriage lurking in the near future fills Dakota with fear, especially as she begins to realize she has fallen in love with someone else–her best friend, Kele. She cannot imagine losing him. Should she tell Kele that she loves him even if they cannot be together? What will happen to their friendship?

Following the dreams in her heart may lead Dakota down a challenging path she is not prepared to face, but through the cloudiness of her uncertainty, she must learn to trust in her Creator to guide her in the right direction. In Dakota’s Gift, an exciting journey of faith, love, and friendship await Dakota if only she dares to trust.

Date: March 23
Time: 11am–1pm
Location: 8106 Mechanicsville Turnpike in Mechanicsville, VASee Less

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